About Robin Hood Gardens

This is not (just) about a Building | A funeral for Robin Hood Gardens

It’s not just about the building

It’s about the stories people had and won´t have

It’s about the fast transformation of the city

It’s about buildings that been here for 55 years being replace by buildings that won’t last 20 years

It’s about tearing everything down and starting a “brand new community”

It’s about families selling their houses in the city, for a great amount of money but not being able to afford anything in the city, move out of the city and end up with a mortgage

it’s about kicking communities out, and tearing them apart

it’s about the giving the city to the have-ones, and the taking it away from the have- nots

It’s about new expensive buildings that are empty and the fact that are more homeless now that in the Great Depression

It’s about working in a and for a city where you cannot live

It’s about not being heard

It’s about quitting a fight, about being silent because you know you are not being heard

It’s about the pain of a slow death and the lack of Momentum

It’s about politics, because housing is political.


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